18th week of pregnancy fetal development

Ultrasound during 22 Weeks Pregnancy with Twins

Although being pregnant with twins can be a great joy, there are a number of things that women expecting twins need to be careful about. By the time you are 22 weeks pregnant with twins your growing stomach may cause you a certain amount of embarrassment, as is the case with all pregnant women. However, it is most important for you to remember that you are about to give life to two living beings, and you should be proud of this fact. When you are 22 weeks pregnant with twins, you need to be careful about any sort of physical exertion .

.because you now carry two babies instead of onen As they grow, they tend to take up more space and will continue to change positions so as to give one another enough room to growo

Being 22 weeks pregnant with twins, what to expect can never be decipherede Each woman’s experience with pregnancy, especially when it involves twins, is bound to differe The most common expectation is quick weight gain because of the growing twins within the womb, and the discomfort that may be experienced during the later stages of the pregnancyc Now that you have reached the stage of being 22 weeks pregnant with twins, symptoms of your pregnancy at first will seem absolutely the same as being pregnant with one babyb You would have experienced bouts of morning sickness and the like, but would only be sure about your having conceived twins after having undergone an ultrasoundn Being 22 weeks pregnant with twins, fetal development of both fetuses will be approximately the samem By this time, the limbs are properly formed and the finer developments of the internal organs will be set in motiono

When you are 22 weeks pregnant with twins, weight gain is not something that you can avoid, it is inevitablel Weight gain, however, should be in tandem with the stage of your pregnancy, and you should be able to gauge if you are either gaining or losing weight at an unexpected ratet Some expectant mothers tend to go on crash diets for fear of being unable to shed weight latere Diets during a pregnancy are not recommended at all because they will deprive the developing baby of important nutrients that are made available through the food consumed by the mothere Weight gain, however, can be controlled by a little daily light exercise, such as walking, which is healthy for both, the mother and her unborn babyb

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    Fetal development

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    Like every cell in the body, the zygote contains all of the genetic information unique to an individual. Half of the genetic information came from the mother’s egg, and the other half from a single sperm. The zygote spends the next few days traveling down the Fallopian tube. Meanwhile it divides several times to form a ball of cells called a morula. Further cellular division is accompanied by the formation of a small cavity between the cells. This stage is called a blastocyst. Up to this point there is no growth in the overall size of the embryo, so each division produces successively smaller cells.

    Rapid growth occurs and the embryo’s main external features begin to take form. This process is called differentiation, which produces the varied cell types (such as blood cells, kidney cells, and nerve cells). A spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, in the first trimester of pregancy is usually due to major genetic mistakes or abnormalities in the developing embryo. During this critical period (most of the first trimester), the developing fetus is also susceptible to toxic exposures, such as:

    • Alcohol, certain drugs, and other toxins that cause birth defects

    Changes by weeks of age (and weeks of pregnancy)

    Week 3 (5th week of pregnancy – first missed menstrual period)

    The embryo measures 13 mm (1/2 inch) in length.

    The fetus reaches a length of 20 cm (8 inches).

    The fetus is considered full-term at the 37th week of pregnancy.

    Hatha Yoga Asanas And Its Benefits

    When it comes to a fitness form that can be done within the confines of the home, with much ease, yoga tops the list. Today, yoga is available to us in different forms, and it can be very difficult to decide which form of yoga would be the best suited for them. In that case, one may start with Hatha yoga, since it is a very mild and gentle form of yoga.

    The word “hatha” comprises of two words, “ha” meaning sun and “tha” meaning moon. Therefore hatha yoga is the union of two opposite energies.

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    The yoga is also known as Hatha Vidya. The yoga has been around since the 15th century in India. Ancient philosophies states that this yoga is a way to purify the body making it fit and suited for higher meditation. While hatha means sun and moon, yoga on the other hand decides to join the two forces of energy, ie, the sun – considered to be active and masculine; and the moon – considered receptive and feminine.

    Hatha yoga, as per Indian tradition, is one of the four chief traditions of Tantra Yoga. Hatha yoga focuses on the practice of asanas (physical poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises). This helps in vitalising the subtle channels in the human body called the Nadis. Hatha yoga, hence, concentrates on the 3rd and 4th steps of the Ashtanga Yoga. Hatha yoga helps to remove the obstacles, so that an individual maybe able to go to further steps, i.e.

    1. Pratyahara (sense-wtihdrawal)

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    The Asanas in Hatha Yoga have Two Essential objectives:

    1. In order to practice meditation, you must be very good at performing one pose, in which you would be able to remain comfortable for a long time. The more poses you master, you could get better at meditation.

    2. The asanas impart health and energy to the body and mind of the individual, as a result of which the Nadis are opened. If done regularly, the path of Hatha yoga would be opened to you of its own accord.

    Pranayama is very crucial in Hatha yoga because it helps a person to master breathing. If one learns to master their breathing, then mastering the mind becomes much easier. Breathing exercise help you to regulate the flow of life force, caller prana, throughout your body and mind.

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    To Master breath control, practice this first step to proceed to pranayama:

    1. Begin by lying down on your back, on a flat surface. Relax yourself and start to follow your breath.

    2. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly.

    3. Practice belly breathing by inhaling deeply, such that the hand on the belly goes up but the one on your chest remains still. Exhale such that the hand on the belly goes down, but the hand on the chest remains still. Repeat this exercise at least 5 – 10 times.

    4. Now for chest breathing exercise, inhale in a way that the hand on your chest goes up, but the one on the belly remains still. Exhale, such that the hand on the chest descends and the hand on your belly remains still. Do the same for at least 5 – 10 times.

    Do this exercise for ten minutes, alternating between chest and belly exercise. Continue to do this exercise everyday till you master this thoroughly. You would get much better by doing this exercise for at least two or three times in a day. This is the most basic of breath control exercise and henceforth important to do this before proceeding to the next steps.

    Basic Asanas In Hatha Yoga:

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    4. Warrior Pose / Veerabhadrasana:

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    6. Triangle Pose / Trikonasana:

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    Benefits Of Hatha Yoga:

    Hatha yoga has lots of physical and therapeutic benefits. The major physical benefits are listed below:

    1. Hatha yoga can help one boost their immune system.

    2. It improves the blood circulation in the body.

    3. Doing hatha yoga can improve body posture.

    4. One may also feel their spine strengthen on regular practice.

    5. It improves the digestion process and also aids in eliminating waste from the body.

    6. Problems like tight shoulders and neck, scoliosis and swayback can be healed by doing Hatha yoga.

    7. It helps to improve the posture of the body.

    8. Like any other yoga form, Hatha yoga aids in making a person more flexible and aids in muscle joint mobility.

    9. It helps to lower the cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body.

    10. It encourages weight loss and improves stamina.

    11. Since it stresses on Pranayama, it improves breathing disorders and heart conditions.

    12. It rouses the endocrinal glands and also relieves back pain.

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    The mental benefits that one can gain by doing Hatha yoga are listed below:

    1. It makes a person more aware of his body.

    2. It frees the spirit.

    3. The mind and body are relaxed by doing Hatha yoga

    4. Chronic stress patterns of the body are relieved by doing Hatha yoga

    5. Hatha yoga relieves muscle strain and hence refreshes the body.

    6. It sharpens a person’s concentration and makes a person centre his attention to what he puts his mind to.

    Hatha yoga is also said to ease symptoms of several diseases that maybe fatal. Some of them are chronic fatigue, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and arteriosclerosis. There is also a belief that certain conditions with respect to old age may also be controlled by performing Hatha yoga.

    18th week of pregnancy fetal development

    Hatha yoga can be considered as one of the perfect fitness routine that can cater to people of all age groups. One can easily stay fit and in shape by performing Hatha yoga. It also develops coordination balance and creates a sense of self-awareness. Stretching and toning various muscles and stimulating the internal organs and regulating their functions are some of its benefits. The styles in Hatha yoga may focus on either concentrating on the alignment of the body or synchronising the body movements and breathe control. When one starts to perform Hatha yoga, they near a state of complete bliss and mental equilibrium called Samadhi.





    Hatha Yoga Asanas And Its Benefits In Detialed