Early pregnancy back pain and spotting


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Early pregnancy back pain and spotting

Cramping and pink spotting in early pregnancy

Early pregnancy back pain and spotting

Early pregnancy back pain and spotting

Early pregnancy back pain and spotting

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Spotting During Pregnancy

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Spotting during the early part of your pregnancy is normal. In fact, up to 25 percent of pregnant women experience spotting during their first trimester. Real bleeding, however, may be a sign of something wrong. If you are unsure whether the amount of blood flow you’re experiencing is normal, contact your doctor immediately.

Spotting can be tricky, as it can be confused with menstrual or period symptoms. Lower back pain, cramps, abdominal pain, and spotting are all normally signs of a period beginning. If you are pregnant and do not know, you can easily confuse the two.

“Spotting” is just that. It’s not heavy bleeding; it’s a very light bleeding and is usually brown or pink in color rather than bright red. In most cases, it’s the result of implantation, but there are other reasons why a pregnant woman spots:

  • Implantation
  • Vaginal infection
  • Cervical infection
  • Intercourse
  • Mucus plug releases
  • Early sign of miscarriage

Spotting During the First Trimester

During implantation, as the blastocyst implants or attaches itself to the uterine wall, a small amount of blood is shed. If the cervix is irritated or inflamed, or has become extra sensitive, this can also cause spotting. Unfortunately, this can also be a sign of miscarriage. The fact that the color tone is brown or pink is good news. If the spotting is accompanied by a fever or severe pain, or if the color is bright red, you should seek assistance from your healthcare provider immediately. If you’re just not sure about the situation, you should still talk to your healthcare provider immediately. Don’t wait around.

Spotting During the Second and Third Trimesters

Although it’s most common for women to spot during their first trimester, it’s not unheard of or uncommon for a woman to spot during the middle and end of her pregnancy term. Once the mucus plug releases, it causes slight spotting, indicating that labor is imminent. If you are having intercourse during these trimesters, that too can cause spotting by irritating the cervix.

Contacting Your Healthcare Provider

Spotting is not usually a reason to contact your doctor. However, if this is your first pregnancy, if you weren’t expecting to be pregnant, or if you are generally concerned about what’s going on, contact your healthcare provider at once.

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Is Lower Back Pain Normal in Early Pregnancy?

Welcome back to PregnancyPillows.org! Today we’re going to be discussing back pain, but this time, we’ll be answering: “is lower back pain normal in early pregnancy?” and we’ll go through the difference types of pains, what is normal and what isn’t. The first twelve weeks of pregnancy are often fraught with anxiety, because miscarriage is most common during the first trimester. The March of Dimes estimates that as many as half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, often before mothers even realize they are expecting, and the American Pregnancy Association has said that between 10 and 25% of diagnosed pregnancies end. Miscarriage is common, and the fear of pregnancy loss can make even the calmest mothers worry at the slightest twinge of back pain. Not all back pain, even in the first trimester, is cause for alarm, but there are differences in types of pain that you can be on the lookout for.

Early pregnancy back pain and spotting

What’s Normal

It Feels Like: A sharp pain when you move or stand. Maybe you’re getting up from sitting, or rolling in bed, or even just shifting positions on the couch. AS you move, you are suddenly hit by a sharp pain that hits in your lower back, low belly, or groin. It may double you over for a moment as it passes, and only tends to happen when you move quickly.

What it is: Round Ligament Pain. As the ligaments connecting your uterus to your pelvis stretch, they become tender, and while they may ache consistently, quick movements and changes in position can make them flare up.

What you can do: First, slow down. Try to be slower and more deliberate in your movements. Shift your weight to your side before sitting up, and stand up slowly. You can also you heat packs or soak in a warm bath to help ease the pain. Early pregnancy is the time to begin sleeping on your side with a good quality pregnancy pillow. Sleeping with a pillow tucked between the knees can help give ligaments the support they need and give your relief from pain. Round Ligament Pain isn’t a problem that can be “cured”, but it typically abates toward the beginning of the second trimester.

It Feels Like: Aching in the back that feels like muscle soreness. You constantly feel like you need knots in your back rubbed out, and like you are always sore.

What it is: Relaxin or Posture Changes. Relaxin is a hormone produced by the body during pregnancy to help the pelvis become more flexible in preparation for delivery. It can sometimes make your joints too flexible, and cause strain on your back muscles, resulting in soreness. You may also be experiencing posture changes from your growing uterus and a shift in your centre of balance. With everything inside you shifting, it is common to try and overcompensate as you walk, which can result in muscles and bones falling out of proper alignment.

What you can do: Be conscious of how you carry yourself. Make sure you are standing strait, with your head tall. Not only will you feel better as you go through your day, you will help eliminate back pain brought on by poor posture. Make sure you are staying active and doing some sort of exercise at least three times a week. According to the Cleveland Clinic , exercise during pregnancy can help eliminate back pain and improve posture. Yoga and walking are both very good, low-impact exercises that can help you eliminate your back pain. Chiropractic care can also be very helpful for posture, as well. Also keep in mind how you sleep, and ensure that you are helping to maintaining good posture in sleep with a good maternity pillow.

What’s Not Normal

What it feels like: Cramping. This may feel like menstrual cramps, and may be accompanied by spotting or bleeding, or fever.

What it is: Possible Miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Any time you have cramping or back pain accompanied by vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, you should call your health care provider immediately. This can be a sign of an impending miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Especially in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, it is imperative that you seek medical attention, as ectopic pregnancies can turn life threatening very quickly.

What you can do: If you are prior to about twenty weeks, there isn’t much that can be done to prevent a miscarriage. Typically, by the time the miscarriage happens, the baby has stopped developing, and the pregnancy has already ended. It is a heart-breaking thing, and something that may need to be worked through with you and your health provider. An ectopic pregnancy must be removed, as it can cause your fallopian tube to rupture, which can be life-threatening for a mother. It is important that an ectopic pregnancy is caught before it gets to that point and does serious damage.

The Bottom Line

Typically, pregnancy is full of aches and pains, and most are nothing to worry about. Back pain that feels like sore muscles or that comes and goes with movement, or that is made better by heat and rest is probably best ignored and accepted as a part of pregnancy. If pain comes in the form of cramps and is accompanied by bleeding or fever, or if it comes in regular intervals and increases in frequency and intensity, definitely contact your health care provider for advice.

Most importantly, try to relax. Stress can often be carried in your muscles as tension and result in even more pain. Understand that most pregnancies end beautifully, in wonderful, happy, babies. Don’t allow yourself to be afraid that every ache or pain is reason for worry. Sleeping comfortably using a pregnancy pillow would greatly help you rest your back and reduce the pain.

Simply be aware of what is happening in your body, and know when to call a doctor and when to grin and bear it. Remember to, that your health care provider is there to answer your questions, and it is often better to call when you are worried, and to be reassured, than to not call when something is truly wrong.



Spotting During Pregnancy


Is Lower Back Pain Normal in Early Pregnancy?