Pink discharge 2nd trimester pregnancy

Pink discharge 2nd trimester pregnancy

Our baby boy Calvin Lee is due June 17, 2016!

Pink discharge 2nd trimester pregnancy

Here we are in the last week of the second trimester. Only three months until we get to meet our baby boy! June seems sooo close, but I still feel like we’ve got plenty of time. I can’t wait to meet him but he still needs to do lots of growing in there first! I honestly feel like the second trimester has gone by so much slower than the first trimester did, that first trimester just flew by! Yet, at the same time, to think about the day I took that very first test with the super duper faintest positive line ever doesn’t feel like that long ago.

Everyday I wish I could just lay on my belly again. I wish I could take off my pants without rolling around on the bed like a maniac, to get off the couch without making sound effects. I wish I could shower without getting out of breath, or put on lotion for that matter! I wish I could wash dishes in the sink without having to stand a foot away. I wish I could comfortably paint my toes (I’m pretty sure they’ve been the same hot pink since the beginning of the second trimester. I have only touched them up, not removed and repainted). And the thing about all this, guys, is that we still have three months to go! Haha. Three more months of this and probably so many more problems I’ll discover in due time. I’m almost unable to put dishes away on the top shelf because of the space where the belly meets the counter. I had to move my car seat back a notch to make room for the belly. I have to stand sideways to hand people things over the counter at work. The bump is growing daily and so is our little boy. I can’t wait to meet him!

I have gained a lot, don’t get scared when you see the numbers lol. I gained 7 pounds in the first trimester and 26 in the second, making a total of 33 pounds so far! Yep, 33 pounds and we still have three months left. Good luck to me! Haha. I believe my doctor recommended 35 pounds in the beginning, but she hasn’t said anything since then. so yeah.

But while we’re at it, let me just rant a bit about the weight. I know I’ve gained a ton of weight. I know it can’t all be genetics but I really feel like no matter what, I am just built to gain this much weight during pregnancy. I spent weeks really watching myself and counting calories and eating extra fruit and veggies and being extra good and not snacking and I would gain the same amount as any other time period. Then just now, the last two or three weeks, I haven’t gained anything, without changing my diet whatsoever, and after gaining like two pounds a week for pretty much the entire second trimester! What the heck? Can’t wait to see how the third trimester pans out, I guess. I’ve read some accounts that sometimes women gain a bunch in the second trimester and not so much in the third. Fingers crossed that’s me! Haha.

Just about ready to wear dresses and skirts everyday. Especially as the weather warms up here. I’d like to invest in a couple more pairs of leggings but I think it’s really getting hard to justify buying more maternity stuff seeing as I “only have” three months left.

My regular tank tops are starting to rise up the belly on me lol.

I wonder how much bigger I’m going to get because this belly is growing FAST! So I wonder how long everything is still going to be fitting.

Okay. I had a couple days of just melancholy feeling for a bit.

No aversions or real cravings.

I think it’s part of the time change and not sleeping as much as normal, but I have been really desiring naps lately. I haven’t given in, but I want one almost every day.

Justin and I took a walk together over the weekend, which was a great beginning to the week. The weather is finally behaving. Then we got to walk for over an hour on Tuesday because we walked to our voting place. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just one cute little benefit to living in a small town, now if only we had some damn sidewalks in this town! Lol. I wish that was on the ballot.

So much peeing! I seriously pee all the damn time. When I stand up to actually go pee, it just makes me need to pee even more. And it’s like urgent. If I need to pee, I need to pee right now. No, I can’t talk for five minutes, or even two! Haha.

Extreme hunger is back by the end of this week. It’s strange to me how this has truly come and gone so frequently during the pregnancy so far. I never thought that I could feel so hungry all the time!

Had one day of lower back ache similar to how it aches with menstrual cramps, which I don’t think has happened during this pregnancy so far.

Light-headedness off and on a lot this week. It started happening when Justin and I went on our walks, but it also happened just while I was sitting at my desk at work too, so it’s not just when I’m exerting myself.

Calvin is still always hanging out on the right side, that’s his favorite place to be. I really wonder if it’s his head up here or this butt, it just feels like a big ole lump haha.

I think I felt the first hiccups from little Calvin this week. And they were very low, so according to the internet, that means he’s head down lol.

I think Calvin woke me up this week. Twice in one night. I just remember getting startled awake and feeling him a lot, so I’m pretty sure it was him that woke me. Haha. He is getting so powerful! Sometimes he shakes my whole belly.

Got to hang out with my best friend Shroomy over the weekend, we went shopping. That was fun.

No purchases but Justin made a little shelf for the bathroom to store bath supplies by the tub. It turned out cute and it fits perfectly underneath the towels.

Being able to comfortably shave my legs or put lotion on them. I am fine with my left leg but since Calvin loves to hang out on my right side all the damn time, reaching my right leg is more difficult because that side of the belly is bigger and harder lol.

I know it might sound terrible that this is one of my highlights for after Calvin comes (there are so many things to look forward to after his arrival!) but holy crap, I can’t wait to lose this weight. I just feel so uncomfortable some days. The thing that really gets me are my legs. I can’t even kneel sitting with my thighs on my calves, that kills me. I feel like my calves are just gonna burst. ๐Ÿ™ And the other thing is I cannot stand how my thighs rub together when I walk. HATE that! Just my legs in general, I am not in love with them right now and can’t wait to get them back to normal.

Pink discharge 2nd trimester pregnancy

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Second Trimester

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Pink discharge 2nd trimester pregnancy

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Pink discharge 2nd trimester pregnancy

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From the Message Boards

About 2 months after my 2nd trimester pregnancy loss of twins at 22 weeks June 3 2015, I had terrible bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. I have been to my doctor and they did full panel blood work up and they all came back “normal”, but I still felt really tired and out of sorts,low energy, foggy mind, I couldn’t eat, I could barely get out of bed most days, I had lost weight, Terrible insomnia,terrible panic attacks and one even landed me in the emergency room:o I thought I was going to die, a.

Let’s start another list for the second trimester! We’re going to collect these and post them (with answers) as a FAQ thread for our board to help out newbies. What questions do you, have you or did you have during the second trimester or about the second trimester of pregnancy?.

This is my first pregnancy, and I’m 15 weeks along. Last night, I went to the bathroom, and when I wiped, there was a very light pink tinge to the toilet paper. I had brown spotting at 8 weeks, and everything was normal, but pink means active bleeding, right? I hadn’t been doing anything strenuous or anything. The only thing I can think of is that I sneezed really hard last night, and it hurt down in my womb for a couple seconds. Another thing is that for a week or so, I’ve felt like I’ve been a.

I’m due 7/30, and today starts my second trimester. I must be one of the last if not the last one to start it. Here’s to the next 3 months being much easier on all of us! Hopefully, we’re mostly past the morning sickness phase, fatigue will be lessening any day now, and those of us who want to will be finding out our babies’ genders soon (and some already have)! It will be an exciting next few months. They call it the honeymoon of pregnancy, and I sure hope that’s right!.

Now that we are all in our second trimester (Katie and Brittanie, I think you are right? or are you a few days out yet?) Take a moment to sign up for the free mailings. For your first time mommas who might not know, most of the major baby companies will have a mailing list and mail you coupons and samples. if there are more I’m mising let me know and I”ll edit to add them..

How to Survive the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy in 12 Steps

The second trimester is a time to enjoy the pregnancy and get ready for the third and last trimester.

  • Baby’s growth: The baby is growing fast now with skin developing, taste buds form and the lungs beginning to practice the art of breathing. The obstetrician will track the growth of baby by measuring mom’s belly. The centimeters will match the weeks of gestation in most cases. If there are multiples in the womb, these numbers will not match.
  • Keeping those appointments: With the changes happening at lightning speed, it is important to keep every appointment with the doctor. The second trimester is often the most fun. Baby begins moving, the first ultrasound is planned and the baby bump really begins to take form.
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